The fact of browsing on the website implies for the user the acceptance without restriction of the following general terms of use.


The does not guarantee the exactness of the information published in the website
The user recognizes to be informed that the pages on the website can contain errors or even outdated information. The user is strongly recommended to check that the information is correct and still topical with the concerned service providers. The user alone is completely responsible for the use of the information available on this website, he assumes all the consequences that can result of, without that can be sought for it, and without action against the latter. The can not be held responsible for any damage of any kind resulting from the interpretation or use of the information available on this website.

You are responsible for any and all of your own User Submissions and the consequences of posting, uploading and publishing them.

You own or retain the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to any and all User Submissions to enable inclusion and use of the User Submissions in the manner contemplated by the Website and these Terms of Service; and you will not post, or allow anyone else to post, any material that depicts any person under the age of 18 years.
You will not post material that conflicts with normal law and/or understandings in regards to fair use. By this it is meant no material containing underage activities, animal abuse, necrofilia, violence (against a persons will - not roleplay).

Intellectual property

The website is the property of the company
Its content, in particular, the general structure of the website, the texts, the data, the images, the photographs and the video films are the property of the unless otherwise stated.
Outside of created material, out lists are based on presenting information otherwise available on the nett and any copyright associated to images and/or texts derived are to be considered the ownership of their respective placements/clubs etc.
Any representation and/or reproduction and/or partial or total use of the contents and the services proposed by the website, by any means, is strictly forbidden.

This site for personal use only. No part of this web site, including but not limited the graphics, format, scripts/software and database information, shall be used by any person, parties or companies for any commercial use without the prior written permission of the owners/operators of the service.
The information presented on this site/service is deemed accurate at the time of update, but is subject to change by the clubs at their own option. The owners/operators of this site and service are not responsible for the accuracies or inaccuracies of the information on this site and also have no control over the content of any linked external website. Users of this service agree to hold the owners and/or operators of this harmless for any assumed, presumed or actual damages they may incur while using this information. When in doubt regarding any club or facility, contact the club directly before visiting.

Access to the website

The seeks to offer a permanent access to the website, subject to/except for potential breakdowns, maintenance operations or other events beyond its control. This permanent access is not guaranteed. The will not be liable in case of impossibilty to access to this website and/or use of the services or deteriorated access to this website and/or use of the services.
If the would be forced to stop editing this website, this will give no right to compensation.


The website contains hyperlinks to other websites. When you follow these links, you leave the website

Modification of the general terms of use

The reserves the right to modify, at any moment and without notice, the present terms of use.

Applicable law

The website and these general terms of use are ruled by the Norwegian law, regardless of the place of use.
In the event of a dispute, and after the failure of all attempts to achieve a friendly solution, the Norwegian courts alone will be competent to judge the dispute.

Administrative acess

The website grants you administrative access to the property of which you are owner, granting you freedom to change any and all images and/or texts.
The only limitation is slanderous or negative loaded statements.


Each placement is open for comments by the general public.
This includes to a certain degree also comments of a negative nature. In short, if you have a negative experience, you are free to say so, but this is not the same as disputes.

To clarify the intention here:
You are free to state for example that you didn't like your stay because there were too many people there.
You may state that the artists performing were generally lower quality or too pushy with drinks etc.
The beach was crowded and not clean etc.
Critics are welcome, as they help to improve quality of establishments. Slander and general crap on the other hand is not helping anyone.

You may NOT say (for example), the owner was a fucking asshole with a shitty attitude and crap english speaking ability. He also had smelly feet and a tiny penis. I suspect his wife was actually a man because of her hairy chest and enormous hands. I think the beer was watered down too.

In short, this site is for consentual adults.

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